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Vinyl Stickers (White)

Vinyl Stickers (White)

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Our most popular item!! These are white vinyl stickers and will stick to virtually anything!! Money raised from the sale of stickers will be donated to various organizations that assist...
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Our most popular item!!

These are white vinyl stickers and will stick to virtually anything!! Money raised from the sale of stickers will be donated to various organizations that assist First Responders affected by PTSD. Join the movement, support those that dedicate their lives helping others. 

Measuring approx 9″ long by 2″ high.

How To Apply
Each sticker will arrive as three layers of material. The top layer is paper transfer tape, which is used to apply the decal. The second layer is the vinyl film, which is the decal itself. The bottom layer is the backing paper. When you receive your decal in the mail, lay it flat and firmly wipe a credit card or application squeegee across the top of the transfer tape. This helps to make sure the transfer tape properly adheres to the decal. This is especially important if the decal was shipped in a mailing tube. Below are three sets of application instructions. The instructions for small decals are for applying small decals for cell phones, laptops, car windows, and other similar surfaces. The instructions for large decals are for larger car window decals, storefront windows, or wall decals. The top hinge method is suitable for most applications, and the center hinge method works better for wider decals.

Step 1. Completely clean and dry the desired application surface.
Step 2. Rub/press the transfer tape over the sticker to ensure the sticker gets lifted when pulling the backing off – Carefully peel the backing paper from the decal at a sharp angle. (slowly to make sure the sticker comes with the transfer tape – it is ok to use a fingernail to lift one of the letters (sometimes happens)
Step 3. Align the decal and press it onto the desired surface. Firmly run a credit card/cloth across the transfer tape to make sure the decal adheres to the surface.
Step 4. Slowly peel the transfer tape from the top of the decal. If any part of the decal starts to come up with the tape, run over that part of the decal with a credit card and try to peel the tape again.


About the Campaign

The goal of the campaign is to spread social awareness worldwide in regards to First Responder mental health issues. We strive to create an open platform of discussion, a safe space for First Responders to connect, as well as an outlet to raise money to donate back into the community. We support initiatives and organizations that focus on providing mental health supports for all First Responders.

Pack Size 3, 10, 20
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