How to Help

How to Help

Help Spread Social Awareness

You can help raise social awareness by taking a picture of yourself hold a sign that says #IVEGOTYOURBACK911. You can post it on any of your social media accounts with the hashtag #ivegotyourback911. You can also post it on our Facebook Page or tweet us on Twitter.

If you don’t a social media account, feel free to send us your picture by emailing it to

Social awareness is the first step… a picture says a thousand words!

#IVEGOTYOURBACK T-shirts and Hoodies

You can purchase one of our #IVEGOTYOURBACK911 stickers, hats, t-shirts or hoodies from our Online Store.

Money raised from the sale of products will be donated to various organizations that assist First Responders affected by PTSD. .

Bill 2: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for First Responders

With all this support for first responders, there is a Bill 2 (formerly known as Bill 67) that needs our focus and attention. Bill 2 is “An Act to amend the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 with respect to post-traumatic stress disorder”.

Please download the petition document (see link below) and help get signatures from your co-workers, family and friends.

Download a copy of the paper Bill 2 Petition

You can mail your paper Bill 2 Petition to:
11 Stanley court UNIT 9, Whitby, Ontario L1N 8P9

Deadline is end of October, 2014

You can also help endorse and pass the First Responder PTSD Bill by signing the online petition.

We will keep you posted as more information comes:

Oct 15, 2014: Bill 2 Update: Currently Only Passed First Reading

The Tema Conter Memorial Trust (TEMA)

The Tema Conter Memorial Trust in partnership with the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) and the Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) have launched the “You Are Not Alone” suicide awareness campaign.

Please visit the “You Are Not Alone” website for help and resources. There is no shame in asking for help!